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What is an athletic shoe drive fundraiser?
With an athletic shoe drive fundraiser, your donors never have to write a check or donate money. Instead, athletic shoes become the currency and Sneakers4Funds pays you based on the total weight of the athletic shoes collected. During an athletic shoe drive, you ask supporters to give you their gently worn, used and new athletic shoes. When Sneakers4Funds receives the athletic shoes you will be issued a check!
What is Sneakers4Funds?
Sneakers4Funds is a division of Funds2Orgs. Wayne Elsey founded Funds2Orgs in 2012. Today, Funds2Orgs has worked with thousands of schools, PTAs, youth groups, nonprofits, churches, businesses and others across North America. It is the leading social enterprise for athletic shoe drive fundraising in the United States.
What is the Sneakers4Funds “30 Day Strive4Good Challenge”?
Every week we have schools, PTAs, youth groups, sports teams and others asking us to do an athletic shoe drive focused only on collecting gently worn, used and new athletic shoes. We’re happy to offer that to our supporters beginning in 2016. To celebrate our launch, we’ve incentivized this type of athletic shoe drive fundraiser so partners could make nearly double what they would in a regular shoe drive.
What do we get if we sponsor a 30 Day Strive4Good Challenge for our community?
The most important thing is that there are no upfront costs to an athletic shoe only fundraiser with Sneakers4Funds. Yes, it’s true. No. Upfront. Costs. We also give you everything you need. That means we give you all of the collection, marketing and promotional material you’ll need to succeed. The athletic shoe drive is branded to your school, PTA, youth group or sports team. We also give you a Sneakers4Funds fundraising coach to work with you every single step of the way–from start to finish. And, you’ll find that our athletic shoe drive will give you a whole new, proven, fun and easy way to engage with your supporters and community.
Where is a Sneakers4Funds athletic shoe only drive offered and why?
We are piloting Sneakers4Funds in only two states for 2016: Florida and California. The reason for this is simple. We have many clients in these two states and before we begin to roll out the program to other states, we want to make certain we have the capacity to ensure success. YOUR success is our success, so as we grow our programs, we want to ensure everything works as it should.
What does re-purpose mean?
It means to give something a new life or purpose. Athletic shoes collected in athletic shoe drives in North America are shipped by Sneakers4Funds to micro-entrepreneurs in 25 developing nations where they are “re-purposed.”
Who is the best type of sponsor for an “athletic shoe only” shoe drive fundraiser?
We want you to succeed. Based on our experience, the best partners for “athletic shoe only” fundraisers are schools, PTAs, youth groups or sports teams. Corporations and businesses that want to make a social impact are also great partners for Sneakers4Funds. Essentially, the best partners are those who have a reason for the majority of their community to wear athletic shoes.
When we receive athletic shoes during our fundraiser, what should we do with them?
When you receive shoes, make sure to tie the laces or rubber band them so pairs stay together. You will have received from us 167 green mesh bags in your Starter Kit. Use those bags and fill them each with 15 pairs of gently worn, used and new athletic shoes.
Why do the sneakers have to be rubber banded before they are placed into the 33-gallon bags?
We want to process your shoes quickly so we can issue you a check. By making sure that pairs remain together, it helps ensure speedy processing. It also helps the micro-entrepreneurs select the shoes they want if they are seeing everything in pairs.
If I need more material than the rubber bands and 167 green mesh bags included in the Starter Kit, what do I do?
When you’ve filled 125 green mesh bags with 15 pairs of gently worn, used and new athletic shoes, simply contact your Sneakers4Funds coach. Your coach will make sure you receive additional supplies.
What are the financial benefits of doing a “30 Day Strive4Good Challenge” with Sneakers4Funds?
The biggest thing is that you get to raise money in as little as 30 days. If you hit 75 percent, Sneakers4Funds gives you an incentive. If you hit 100 percent of your goal, Sneakers4Funds will pay you nearly double for the gently worn, used and new athletic shoes you collect.
What condition is acceptable for the sneakers?
The athletic shoes have to be gently worn, used or new. Remember, these shoes are going to be repurposed and worn again so they have to be in the best condition possible.
Do you accept single shoes?
Sneakers4Funds only accepts pairs of athletic shoes. No singles.
What are the social benefits for doing an “athletic shoe only” shoe drive fundraiser with Sneakers4Funds?
There are two key benefits for social good. 1) The gently worn, used and new athletic shoes you collect are consolidated with those of other patrners. They are shipped to 25 developing countries around the world. Because of systemic poverty, many families survive on barely $2 a day. This is not sustainable, even in a developing nation. Your athletic shoes become inventory for micro-entrepreneurs around the world and an economic lifeline out of poverty. 2) Each year over 600 million shoes end up in landfills across the United States. This is harmful for the environment and health because as shoes disintegrate, they emit hazardous toxins. An athletic shoe drive fundraiser with us gives your supporters and community to dispose of shoes. In addition, athletic shoes are the primary mode of transportation in developing countries for people.
What happens if we have not reached our goal by the deadline?
You will have to sign a new agreement and begin another fundraiser. Sneakers4Funds will pickup the shoes you collected to date once the deadline arrives.
Do we have to provide volunteers to help load the Sneakers4Funds truck when they are picked up? How does the pickup process work?
When a pickup is scheduled, please make sure to have two to three volunteers for every 100 bags that have to be loaded. As a reminder, please remember our drivers cannot be held responsible for inclement weather and traffic. We always request you maintain a window of 30 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time and 30 minutes after so as to provide the driver a sufficient window. The Sneakers4Funds driver will call you to confirm time of arrival.
How can an individual get involved with Sneakers4Funds?
Individuals who are interested in working an athletic shoe only drive with Sneakers4Funds can approach their local school, PTA, sports team or place of business. Remember, practically any organization can get involved.
What types of athletic shoes can someone donate to Sneakers4Funds?
Sneakers4Funds only accepts gently worn, used and new athletic shoes. Athletic shoes include sneakers, trainers, cross-trainers, walking shoes, and racing shoes. We do not accept cleats, roller-skates or roller-blades.
Can individuals participate in an athletic shoe drive?
Yes. We encourage anyone who would like to contribute gently worn, used and new athletic shoes to participate.
What happens if we collect more athletic shoes than was our goal?
Congratulations! More shoes = more money.
Are there out-of-pocket costs to participate in a Sneakers4Funds athletic shoe drive?
No. We’ll give you everything you need, which includes a fundraising coach, marketing and promotional materials, and a Starter Kit that includes bags and rubber bands. However, if you decide to print any material from our templates, you will have to pay for them.
What if we do not collect the minimum amount of shoes for our goal?
You should refer to your Fundraising Agreement and speak to your fundraising coach.
What happens with the athletic shoes after Sneakers4Funds picks them up?
They are shipped to micro-entrepreneurs in 25 developing nations. Due to systemic poverty, many families around the world do not have sufficient and sustaining work opportunities. Sneakers4Funds sells the athletic shoes collected for a small fraction of their original price, often on credit. These micro-entrepreneurs, or small business owners, then clean the athletic shoes. The athletic shoes are then sold in their local community for a profit. By the way, most people wear athletic shoes in developing countries because they use their feet to get from one place to another.
Am I able to designate a specific country or region where my athletic shoes will be shipped?
We’re sorry, but it’s not possible for Sneakers4Funds to have this happen. Due to logistics and costs, we combine the athletic shoes you collect with those from other athletic shoe drives. They are then shipped overseas.
Does Sneakers4Funds accept store returns or hash lots for sale from a manufacturer or wholesaler?
The short answer is, yes. Please contact Tom Henderson, Chief Fundraising Strategist at 407-930-2979 for more information.
How often should I expect to have my athletic shoes collected by Sneakers4Funds?
The logistics team of Sneakers4Funds will be in touch with you during your athletic shoe drive if we’re going to be in the area. We can’t guarantee a pickup during your athletic shoe drive other than the pickup at the conclusion of your drive. Therefore, it’s important to have adequate storage space to hold the bags during the entirety of your campaign. If a Sneakers4Funds driver happens to be in your area during your shoe drive, we may arrange for a pickup.
When will our organization receive our check from Sneakers4Funds?
Your athletic shoes will be weighed and processed within 48 hours (business days) of receipt of the athletic shoes at our depot. At that point, a check will be issued along with a reconciliation statement. If we happen to be in your neighborhood, we’ll collect your athletic shoes during your campaign. The process is the same. Once the athletic shoes arrive at the depot, they will be processed within 48 hours on business days and a check issued. You would also get a pickup at the end of your campaign.
How do I sign up to get started?
It’s easy to get started. Simply click here to fill out our form so a Sneakers4Funds fundraising coach can call you. Or, call us at 407-930-2979.


If I have additional questions, what do I do? We are a customer driven social enterprise and we value your time. We offer 24-48hr email support ( and phone support (1-407-930-2979) from our world headquarters to answer your immediate questions, monitored and backed by a live person. We pride ourselves on our representatives and on always answering the phone!