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How Does A Shoe Drive Fundraiser Work?


Earn nearly double the regular rate for the gently worn, used and new athletic shoes you collect for achieving 100 percent of your agreed upon goal. This is a special type of shoe drive and only athletic shoes are accepted.

After you sign an MOU with Sneakers4Funds, we give you everything you need to succeed. All of it is given to you with no upfront costs. This includes:

• All the collection, marketing and promotional material.
• An athletic shoe only fundraising drive that is branded to your school, team or group.
• A Sneakers4Funds fundraising coach to work with you from start to finish.
• A proven, turnkey solution that will engage your supporters in a whole new way!

Sign up or contact us to learn which is the right type of campaign for you by speaking to one of our fundraising coaches!
  • Work hand-in-hand with your fundraising coach to develop a strategic plan for your drive.
  • Set realistic but ambitious goals to maximize results within your timeline.
  • Recruit a core team of volunteers to help with promotion and execution of your drive.
  • Develop your list of contacts that can help you achieve your campaign goals.
  • Develop branded promotional materials focused on your organization.
  • Email your supporters and promote your drive through the press, social media and your website to create a buzz and get everyone excited about the drive. You'd be surprised to learn how many people have extra shoes to give away!
  • Have FUN and Start collecting gently worn shoes and sneakers.
  • Remember, more shoes = more money!
  • Rubber band or tie laces in pairs together and put 15 pairs of shoes in each green mesh bag, keeping pairs in the same bag, no other sorting is necessary.
  • When the shoe drive is completed, contact the Sneakers4Funds Logistic Team to arrange a pickup.
  • Once your athletic shoe drive is completed, Sneakers4Funds picks up everything that was collected.
  • Within 48 hours of Sneakers4Funds processing the shoes, your check will be mailed to you based on the total weight of the athletic shoes gathered during your campaign event.
  • Inform your supporters about the success of the shoe drive fundraiser.
  • Schedule your next athletic shoe drive soon!

You will receive templates and tools to ensure your shoe drive campaign success:

  • Fundraising Coach – to be with you every step of the way
  • Bag Label Templates – to help you collect shoes in a simple and orderly way
  • Customizable Flyer Templates – to help promote your shoe drive
  • Door Hanger Templates – to let people know how to support your campaign.
  • Promotional Materials – including a press release, Facebook banner and ideas for a promotional and photographic video testimonial.

If your nonprofit, school, church, or civic group is in need of funds,

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easy it is to raise money with risk free, engaging,

fun fundraisers that have a proven track record

of success. Reinvent your fundraisers and exceed your goals.

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