Sneakers4Funds works with your organization to help create a fundraiser that is branded around YOUR athletic shoe drive. During your athletic shoe drive, you can utilize the following marketing items with no upfront costs to you or your organization.

In order to maximize your collection, we encourage you to utilize several different mediums from those provided. Photos and videos are a great resource to showcase on your social media sites, while the door hangers and fliers engage your neighbors and community.

Also included below are resources to help you stay organized during your shoe drive. Guidelines for the Flash Drive is provided, outlining the steps to a successful shoe drive. Conducting a Mini drive? Contact your Fundraising Coach to have the Mini Drive Guidelines sent to you.

Need additional Starter Kits? Please click here to purchase additional materials for your shoe drive collection.

All the marketing materials are customizable for your athletic shoe drive fundraiser. Simply download the item you wish to use, and fill out the appropriate areas with your organization’s information. If you need additional help, please do not hesitate to contact your Fundraising Coach.

Downloadable Materials

To download any of our content below please just click on the link and the document will either open in a new window/tab or it may directly download. All Word Documents take a second prior to downloading.

Additional Starter Kits

Per the signed agreement between your organization and Sneakers4Funds, you will receive a Starter Kit which includes enough materials to collect your first 167 green mesh bags. Need additional bags and rubber bands? Order additional Starter Kits here. Each Starter Kit includes enough supplies to collect 167 bags of gently worn, used and new athletic shoes.

Before ordering additional materials, please speak with your Fundraising Coach. Shoe drive partners may be eligible for additional Starter Kits at no additional cost per their signed agreements.

For all athletic shoe drive partners, Sneakers4Funds will reimburse your organization the cost of additionally purchased Starter Kits if you fill your additional supplies plus your original Starter Kit once your shipment is reconciled.

(Please note- we will only reimburse your organization if you purchase your additional materials through Sneakers4Funds. No outside vendor materials will be reimbursed.)

The purchase price includes all shipping and handling costs.

Picture Downloads

To download images, select one and in the the new screen please right click and a small list will appear, select "Save As"

Video Downloads

Sneakers4Funds Video in SD (Standard Definition)
SD .MP4 file (1280x720 / 14MB)

If you are having trouble downloading or using these files please contact your fundraising coach for further assistance.